400 DAYS!!!

Blog Post created by KMC56 on May 28, 2017

Thanks to Evelyn, Marilyn and Nancy for bring it to my guys are the BEST!!!  

I've been reading the relapse blogs as well as the successful blogs.  Both keep me from relapsing.

This past year has been a year of emotional ups and downs.  Life is husband is back and  forth from one state or country...almost feel like a military wife.  Yep he's been gone when I need him most (Murphys law I guess), started a new business -  I thought I'd pull out every strand of hair I have out, marched through events of my mother mental health deteriorating, the decision to place her into an AFC daughters husband relapsing....(and thankfully she's filed for a divorce) happens.  I have no control of life, but right now, I have the strength and support to keep  my life in check from relapsing. 

When I first quit, I was damn sure my quit was more painful, more intense, and more stressful than anyone else, even the elders.  Well it wasn't, and neither are my life's ups and downs. 

For those who are quitting, keep up the good fight, and those fighting for a date to quit, get the red pen wishes to all the members of Ex.

Still keeping it one day at a time.