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Hopefully this attachment will open.  If not, here is are the lines from the infamous Gilda Radner and Jane Curtain.

It's over 30+ years old, and see folKS, nothing too much has changed in the fight to quit, except for better support system!!

Enjoy the laugh, and your evening!





Jane Curtain:
This past Thursday was the great American Smoke Out, a day that everyone in America was encouraged to stop smoking cigarettes for a 24 hour period. Here to comment further is Update Health correspondant, Roseanne Rosannadanna.

Roseanne Rosannadanna:
Thanks, alot, Jane. A guy from Forlayden, New Jersey writes in and says, "Dear Roseanne Rosannadanna, Last Thursday I quit smoking. Now I'm depressed, my face broke out, I'm nauseas, I'm constipated, my cheeks swell, my gums are bleeding, my sinuses are clogged, I got heart burn, and I got gas. What should I do?"

Roseanne Rosannadanna:
Well, you sound like a real attractive guy. You belong in New Jersey!