Not going to blow it

Blog Post created by KMC56 on Apr 3, 2017

For yhe past few months I have been keeping up with reading blogs and conversations...just for that extra boost for strength for each day...and every day is something new, and inspirational.

I haven't found time to keep some of you updated in my small world.

Sadly placed my mom in an AFC facility,   it is an amazingly beautiful loving facility,  and very fortunate that she was accepted.  I felt like I was involveded in the Spanish inquisition...or applying for a private school!  I don't know how long she's been on the list, but it is one of the top two in the county.  It has taken a few weeks for her to adjust and accept...she definitely had a Jewish mom beat!  Ovi..the guilt!  No smoking..yeah!

Thought I'd would take the 16 week  Fr. Harden basic Catholic Catechism course, that was recommended by my good freind, the pastor of my parish!  It has been years since 4 different books, pencil, highlighter, and notebook have been on my table...,WITHOUT an ashtray full of butts.....Still no smoking!

The upcoming budget for next year is up....due date sometime in May...and of course...they revised the work sheet,  after I plugged in all the I meet with the controller tomorrow...I'm sure it will be a quick fix as I have all the supporting hard copies.  Still no smoking.

And I swear, since I turned 60, I have NEVER been to the doctors and specialist since my pre-natal days.  Played hard when I was paying for the good old days I guess!  Some of these upcoming test don't sound too pleasant,  and I'll spare you the details.  Still no smoking.

My beautiful,  beautiful daughter is filing for a divorce...actually much to our family and friends releif...she has put up with more than any woman should in order to preserve a marriage that didn't work both ways.  We will all have our free spirited woman again...she's had it rough, and truly deserves a much better life.  Still no smoming!!

Not that it hadn't crossed my mind...and's just amazing that I can be very pleased with myself if I do say so myself, I'm coming up to my year in a couple if weeks, and do not want to blow it up I and want to continue year with 2, 3, 4.....

For those that are is a start of a wild journey, that you CAN succeed in, and this is coming from a smoker of 40 years.

Stay on this site..the support increases your success rate!

As always,  keeping it real one day at a time!