Back from San Francisco

Blog Post created by KMC56 on Feb 13, 2017

My hubs and I were whirlwind tourist in San Francisco, this past weekend.

If I were still smoking...there would be no way, NO WAY, I would have been able to hike up and down over and over to enjoy China town.  Happy New Year, and Happy Valentines (both celebrated on Saturday) by the way! Shouldervtomshouldervpeople in China town, no way would there have been a spot to take a break without offending someone. Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermans Warf, the climb down to  the ocean wasn't as brutal...but then came Alcatraz...another rough terrine to hike. I did come prepared with good walking shoes, and Tommy Copper for my knee!!   It was a no pain no gain experience!

Another adventure I could enjoy smoke free!!!

Keeping it real one day at a time!  Kathy