My Journey

Blog Post created by KA27 on Sep 10, 2020

Hi.   I am new to this group. I have been chewing tobacco for over 4 years on and off. (Yes I’m a girl that chews  ā™€) Last night I finalized realized it is time for me to quit.  So fingers crossed I can quit starting on October 1st if not sooner.  Anyone have any suggestions on helping me quit? I can’t do nicotine patches or gum unfortunately. .... after last night I realized that I have a serious addiction to tobacco.   I can’t believe how addictive this us to me.  I truly believe that I’ll be able to quit, but It definitely will not be easy! And it sure will be a crazy journey!! I’m glad to be able to have some extra support on here ! And that goes the same for everyone on here, feel free to talk to me.   I am here to help you too!