Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 27, 2017

Yes, Maxine can be nice once in a while, LOL. I didn't sleep well last night, so I was in here on the computer reading blogs and responding, only to wake from a sound sleep on the keyboard. Should be enough to see me through the day. My 21st day of freedom. I wish I could say that I was feeling great about that, but my mood isn't the best as I'm typing this. Lack of sleep will do that to you. Jake and I both have to go in for blood work to day and pick up medications. We use a Naval Hospital and the procedure for getting new refills is pick a number, wait for 45 minutes, get called to the desk where your identity is verified then go sit back down for 40 more minutes until you are called up by number to pick up your meds. It's long but we don't pay a dime and that is the blessing of all the years Jake served as a Naval Reservist. I don't have plans to smoke, it's NOPE for me, but I do have to be on alert when I'm tired. Hope you have a great smoke free day.