About Encouragement

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 20, 2017

With my new medication dosage I am finally getting a good night sleep, all night, which greatly improves my mood. I'm feeling very stable with my bi-polar and it's about time!! It all makes the difference in how I handle my quit craves and triggers. Oh yes, only 2 weeks in and I still battle, but I have arranged so many things to do with my hands and my mouth that those times don't seem near as difficult as in previous attempts at quitting. I keep up with my reading everyday and always find encouragement reading other blogs. I highly encourage others who are new at this to keep up with the same. There is a wealth of information here and great friends and Exers that one can always reach out in time of need. Me, I need you all, all of the time! Wishing you all a wonderful smoke free day and I will have the same!