Ending Week Two

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 19, 2017

I will have completed day 14 by the end of this day. I fully intend to make that a reality. The time seems to have gone by so quickly, not always so easily, but nicodemon puts up its share of the fight as well as I have at times. But I have made it. All of you here have made it easy for me to stay quit, along with a good tool kit, I've made it through. Being in so much pain is why I think the hard times came, but I ended that yesterday. I  popped in at the docs office and spoke with the nurse to get me something for my pain. He gave me 30 pills with the condition I set up a follow up appt. I did that right away. I feel a bit better this morning, though nothing is going to completely eliminate the pain in my right knee,(except for surgery) the meds do help a little.

Well I'm off to reading this mornings blogs and learn some more as I never stop learning from all of you EXers.

Have a wonderful smoke free day, I know that I will.