Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 14, 2017

Happy Friday to all of you, especially you workers out there. Something about being retired, each day flows into the next and unless you have an appointment to keep, one day is the same as another. I usually have to look up what day it is! Another DOF for me and I can't say it hasn't been a struggle. With all I've got in my tool kit my mind wanders regardless towards the thought of that smoke. Today I'm going to purchase one of those stress balls and see if that doesn't help for in between rug latching and reading my novel. I'm about tired of chewing straws and sucking on a binky, but they do keep my mouth busy. I have a lot of anxiety so I have to be busy all the time. I'm sleeping very well since a dosage increase in my medications which helps some with my anxiety, but not quite enough during the day. I'm doing my best to stay smoke free every minute, every hour of the day. I made it through hell week and have 8 days of freedom. Pretty proud of that! Thanks for listening to this mornings ramble!