Just another day

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 13, 2017

Or maybe that should read just another wonderful day in the life of a quitter! Yesterday I was talking about rug latching. I figured it out easy enough but found the difficulty not in how to do it, but instead doing it...My fingernails were way too long to hold the tiny strands of yarn between my fingers. Today I'm just latching along. I compare this to my quit. I always knew how to do it and educated myself more even though I knew. My problem was in "just doing it" and there were plenty of "long nails" in the way my own emotions mostly. Today I still struggle with emotions as I suppose I will for sometime, but the craves and triggers, well all I've got to say is I've got a darned large tool kit. I have found reading a good book has been my best defense. I can get into a good novel for hours at a time often thinking about a smoke break while I read, but for not one minute giving up the story. Today I'm doing what worked for yesterday because it works for me. Hope you are all trying to enjoy a smoke free day!