Hello Everyone

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 9, 2017

It had been a busy morning for me, what time I have had awake so far. The new doses of my bipolar meds sure make me sleep late. That's a good thing because before those new meds and a change in dosages, I was up nearly every night at 1 or 2 am. My mood feels pretty darned good today so far. I'm not smoking so I believe that is something to feel real good about. So I did it, I have day 3 won and am now onto day 4. When I'm good and settled in with my quit, I think I'll quit counting for a while and just enjoy the benefits of being a non smoker. Yesterday I wrote that I am not going to avoid my back porch, an old trigger but doesn't seem to bother me now. I'm not allowing old nicodemon to keep me away from an area I so love. As a centerpiece on my table outdoors is a water bottle loaded with all the cigarettes I drown when I quit. It's so ugly, but necessary and it can stay there as long as I need it to. Any who, I'm just rambling on so I'm going to post this and get reading other blogs. I hope everyone is enjoying a good smoke free day.