Blog Post created by JustSharon on Apr 6, 2017

Good Morning my dear friends and EX'rs! It's the 6th of April and I haven't had a smoke since 11 last night. I took almost a whole pack, put them in a water bottle and shook up the ugly mess real good. That was a fantastic moment. I said a prayer after that and went to bed. I did my usual, woke in the night for a smoke and it dawned on me I'm not smoking anymore, so I went back to bed and slept in till almost 8! I've often suspected that smoking kept me up at night, sitting on the back porch alone, in the quiet, chain smoking away. What a revelation and what a relief to get some sleep.

                            So happy to be here this morning as a non smoker. When I had relapsed, although I was still reading and learning new strategies that would work for me, I felt somewhat detached from my family here as I continued to smoke. So, I call this my Re-Birthday and I chose this memorable day because it truly is my birthday . I've tuned 62, yikes! where does the time go. 40 plus years of smoking, all up in smoke.

                             I'M READY, LET'S DO THIS!