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Checking In

Posted by JustSharon Apr 5, 2017

Good morning everyone, It's the day before my quit and I thought I'd check in. Been real busy at my home the last 2 days, so I haven't even had a whole lot of time to read. I have continued to journal though. Through journaling, I learned so much about me and why staying quit had been so hard for me. Addiction aside, I have made my life around cigarettes. Every thing I do or think, involves one. That was my routine, my life and easier to stay in than to change. I'm now ready and committed to that change. Tomorrow is my quit date. Over the last couple of weeks I have done  all my prep work. Reading, noting, journaling, practicing, prepared my tool kit, reducing and getting my mind ready for a strong commitment. I will see you all tomorrow when I join the ranks of being an EXer. I have truly missed being one!