Set in Stone

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 30, 2017

I've been awake half the night and have now tired out enough to lay back down. I first wanted to blog. Today we have a busy day planned for shopping. My grandson Maison is coming home from Colorado late May. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! It's early yet I know, but I'm purchasing a bed and its trimmings to make him up a room here in my office. That's the only spare room I have since my daughter, Maison's mom, has the large guest room. We need to move my desk amongst other items to fit the bed and a toy box for his things. I chose a bed with drawers underneath, a nice space saver and have cleared room for him in another dresser. He will have to share closet space with his mom as my office closet is full of supplies that have no where else to go. oh I'm rambling, didn't mean to.

Anyway the moral of my little story  is that when I am this busy, smoking is minimalized and today there will be 3 separate trigger points while we are out, that I'm choosing not to smoke at any of them. A nice practice run. I still plan for my quit date to be April 6th and I am now setting that date in stone. In the meantime I'm practicing this deep breathing stuff, using relaxation music while I'm at the computer and reminding nicodemon to be packing his bags because come the 6th, he's outta here.

Have a wonderful smoke free day, I will be with you soon, joining the ranks of EXers!