I'm in better spirits

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 19, 2017

I did so much thinking yesterday my brain hurts! I decided to get off the pity pot and accept my disabilities. There is nothing I can do about them right now and I don't look much past today, so what comes, what may. God's will is always performed in His time and His way. So what will be will be.

                                                                                As for the smoking, I don't plan to linger long, but since I picked them up just a couple of days ago, they have a grab on me. But as I said I won't linger long. My brain is still working hard and in its already state of exhaustion I need just a little more time. I've been reading blogs since 4 am, 3hours already and that is keeping me encouraged and motivated. I will continue to read until something clicks and I choose to lay those smokes down again. Keep on writing everyone, it's therapy for this old lady. Hugs to you all!