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Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 6, 2017

And yet another day for a wound vac change. Saw this little cutie (ha) this morning and know they always want me on the scale as well. I'm ready to slap someone over this. I usually tell them I'm overweight and that's all they need to know. No one thinks its amusing.

   And another thing. I refuse to let this constant not feeling well and pain in the legs get me down! I had a fantastic Sunday laying in bed, being pampered by Jake and watching my lg. screen TV. Saturday I had my hair cut and I did feel like a million bucks! I'm going to get my daughter to get a couple of photos and change my avatar. That photo is a year old now.

   GOOD MORNING friends and fellow exers.....Hoping everyone is still smoke free this morning or at best, really trying. Not smoking is right up there on top of my list as the best thing that's ever happened to me...maybe it should be the first. This community has been a godsend and I pray every newbie who arrives will know that as well. Giving up isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be that hard either. It's mind over matter or matter over mind.

   Here's one I've been pondering: The majority of us smokers began by wanting to be cool, to be with the in crowd, to be accepted. Why were we so different or what was so wrong with us that we didn't fit so well with the others. God know that first cigarette tasted so foul and smelled so bad. Why were we thinking the way we were. I'm thinking we were born with the addictive gene. What do you think?

   Hope you have a blessed smoke free day!