Happy Friday

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 3, 2017

and it is a good morning, hoping it is for all of you. Well, the wound vac isn't going to come off for about another 2 visits and that will be if I've healed enough for  home bandaging. I was a bit disappointed, but this little unit really doesn't bother me.

     Not smoking is what makes it a very good morning. Coffee tasting good makes it a good morning as well does not freezing my butt off outside. So much to be grateful for!

     Here is a quote I read this morning that I would like to share:   Don't judge yourself by your past, you don't live there anymore". I think of all the years I spent smoking (42 +) and I can really get down on myself for that, so this quote had some real meaning. Maybe it does for some of you.

     Being as I cannot have my knee surgery for 6 months and the one knee is in such pain, I can barely walk, my day will consist of a lot of rest. OK by me, I've got a comfy bed and a large screen TV. A no smoking place. (never has been) It's so nice not to have to smell old smoke. There are so many benefits besides health to not smoking, I pray some newbies learn that. I pray they accept the dangers to their health and learn by that to.

     Well all, I'm just rambling on this morning, think its time to close up this blog. Have a most wonderful smoke free day and enjoy sunshine in your heart as the weather has been just plain nasty around the states.