Yet another fine Thursday!

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 2, 2017

Hoping so for all you friends and fellow ex'ers. Here we are about to wind up our first week of March already. Sure wish it could slow down just a bit!

     Today I go for yet another wound vac change and if all has gone well since Monday, we may get to remove that and have Jake do bandaging at home and only take a trip to the DR. once a week. It's been 8 long weeks already, sure could us some at home treatment and Jake makes a fine nurse .

     8 weeks.... that means yet another 8 weeks of not smoking and 8 weeks entirely for Jake. I've added back coffee since I had given it up early on in this quit, and it sure tastes good! We are back to enjoying our back porch on a sunny day, chilly as it may be. We had some of our best conversations there. Life does go on without smoking and once you get over past or through those triggers, you too can enjoy things and times you had once given up.

     Have a fabulous smoke free Thursday!