I REALLY NEED.................

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Feb 26, 2017

Do you ever feel that way? I sure do, never enough time in a day, never enough days in a week! Good morning all. I'm hoping this Sunday morning has been wonderful and smoke free for you! Sure has been for me!

I nearly lost my quit this last week and am so thankful I didn't. I mean it was only in the thought process, BUT beware those who may be there, it starts in thought, and you begin to not let it alone. You romance the notion that you will be fine with just one smoke, ah, but you know that's not true! I know deep in my heart had I given in to one, I would not have quit till the last one was gone, only to want more again. I pray if anyone is struggling today to be gentle with yourself, it's only natural to crave. Get it out of the thought process, come on, blog or whatever the site has to offer and get and stay free!!