Happy Thursday to all of you!

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Feb 16, 2017

Every Monday and Thursday I see the nurse at the surgeons office for my wound dressings to be changed. It's amazing to see how quickly it has been healing up over this past week. Still have pain but I grit my teeth and bear it as I don't want to be on my pain meds unless I'm about to scream. Still have such pain in my legs from swelling, its going down some, hopefully more soon.

   Ah, enough of that. I'm happy and content despite it all. I'm still pretty much on bedrest, and I'm rather enjoying the pampering. I'm still smoke free through it all and I'm so happy about that!! 104 days today. I honestly never thought I'd see that. But it has happened for me. Its happened for Jake as well. He quit smoking the day I got out of the hospital and says he's very happy for it, and so am I! Smoke free feels so good. For those of you just starting out, it's hard yes, but only as much as you make it be. When you continue on and on you will begin to feel that sense of accomplishment and see that going on, is so well worth it and does begin to feel fantastic to be free!!

   Have a great smoke free day!