Still not sure if this is the right place.......

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Feb 2, 2017

to share as it seems to keep changing. I'll just keep rambling here till I feel comfortable elsewhere. I'm awake my early old ways so I must be on the mend.

This sure has been a time of it for me.  I still have to report to the dr. every Monday and Thursday to have bandaging changed until the wound is completely closed. Internally there is stitching, bit the outward area had to be left open to ward to have continuous suctioning until the wound completely closes.. That's the best I understand of it anyways. These pain meds kind of befuddle my mind. Know what the best part of being in the hospital for 16days was....no, not the food!,lol, it was not needing or wanting to smoke while I was there. What a wonderful feeling. I'll never forget feeling otherwise as it will always be where the beginning was and where I never want to be again. I hope you all have a wonderful smoke free day!