Day 3

Blog Post created by JuniorBoyy87 on Nov 14, 2019

Hello everyone. My last cigarette ended on 11-11-19 at 2:00PM and I must admit that I miss it/them very deeply. I have done it cold turkey so far but am waiting on the funds to get my Chantix prescription or have it switched to Zyban to help with the symptoms. I am getting the hang of the website and all of its help, so bare with me. I saw some helpful advice in my email from posts from here and have not been able to find them again as of yet haha. Again, I am working on it! I look forward to getting more days under my belt and reading helpful and warm posts here. 


P.S.- It may sound as if I am in a good mood via this writing, however, I am a big November Grinch :-(. Attempting to smile through the cravings as I read often here.