Dam near blue it

Blog Post created by Julie1960 on Jan 10, 2020

My 14 year old grandson is at school saying he wants to kill his self.  Cops are there he is 600 miles away from me. So I am freaking out ripped off my patch I am going to buy cigarettes.  Mean while I can't talk to anyone at his school cause I am not on the list.  Still going out of my mind I call my mother and she says calm down and don't smoke you have came to far.so I put patch back on.  Later on the kids home.  Saying if I come to you you will put me in the hospital.  I said dam right because you would need help.  Lot of cussing from him.  No calming down then I say just pray for you.  Well I am athelist. Oh hell panic again.  I said just don't kill yourself we care and love you.  That was the end of the call.  So now I am filling fear panic.  My man as been supportive all I can do is worry and pray.  But I didn't smoke.  If it hadn't been for my mom and partner I no I would have.  I really want one bad.  But ant going to do it