3,5 days

Blog Post created by Juka on Feb 28, 2018

Hello dear ex and exes to be.

Today is my 4th none smoking day. Here I'll need to make a decision if to call it a 3rd or a 4th day.  I stopped cold turkey or as I was corrected here smart turkey last Sunday at around 3 PM . That makes my today's morning 3rd day but late afternoon a 4th day. I'll be king to myself today and will call it 4th day ( Horrayyy- it's been more then 72h , who could ever imagine ).

Today is my first day in the office and I'm having a difficult time - although not as bad as yesterday. The interesting thing that the triggers while working are different. I want to share some of my observation:

I think it's all about rewarding myself.

I have a really bad cravings when:

1) Just finished a meeting

2) Resolved a complicated problem

3) Had a Phone conversation/ Remote session with a customer.

4) Anything that is completed more or less. 


More to come... But all those , for years I was going outside to absorb the session information, switch to a different subject, clean my head relax and simply rest while taking that puff... But not anymore. I'm trying not to get anxious while thinking about it .


OK - Will go outside for a short walk ( to develop new none smoking relaxing techniques?:) )