My lungs

Blog Post created by Josephabq on Feb 4, 2018

Good morning this morning I change my avatar to a new image I need to see exactly what my lungs probably look like for a while anyway later on I'll probably change my avatar. Also I saw my neighbor that sells loose cigarettes and he was telling me that he gives people credit and he has a little book that he writes down their name in if you want to owe him money so basically I told him that I was quitting and I'm not really interested. But something that's motivating is I figured out if you sell cigarettes for $0.50 each and he buys the brand that you selling for $3 a pack that means he's making a $7 pack profit and he's just no different than a drug dealer or a bookie you know considering the fact that he gives credit and he keeps record of what people owe him just amazing one more exploitation aside from what the nicotine industry is doing to exploit us somebody else is trying to exploit us too so I'm getting some more motivation.