Ok first day of my quit

Blog Post created by Josephabq on Feb 3, 2018

It's Saturday morning February 3rd 2018 and this is the start of my quit date. Purposely ran out of cigarettes in through the last few my cigarettes out last night so that this morning when I woke up I wouldn't have any to smoke. The first thing I noticed was how good I smelled after waking up and taking a shower. Then I made myself a cup of coffee and boys smelled really good and tasted really good and then I went to take my dog for a walk and I purposely brought some candy to put in my pocket so that I wouldn't be tempted to smoke outside so far I'm planning on not buying a pack of cigarettes but I may have a problem because one of my neighbors sells loose cigarettes.  I purposely made sure I don't have any cash or coins on hand so that I won't be tempted to knock on his door.  So I have a few things to do this morning to keep me busy and I'm hoping that's going to keep my mind off of smoking wish me luck....