90 Days

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Jun 18, 2020

In bed and realized after a particularly bad day of post-smoking anxiety that tomorrow will be 90 days of unease, misery, discomfort, and of course, 90 days of not smoking.

I've tried to blog from time to time through this journey and have seen things marginally improve some days. But not even my best days post quit compare to the state of relaxation I felt after vanquishing my withdrawal with a hit of nicotine.

This is NML, but that said, this misery isn't new...I've been in No Man's Land since I started.


There is no chance that I'll blow my quit. I'm sticking to the promise that I made to my kids no matter what. Smoking isn't an option for me anymore.  But I'm regretting big time that I made the promise to quit in the first place. 


As always, hoping tomorrow is a better day.