902 Cigarettes and 36 days

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Apr 25, 2020

Trying to journal at least a bit if not every day, then most days.


Today I find myself in awe of those that have managed the shift in their minds away from denying themselves something of value, that in actuality never had any. I know this logically, but have struggled every day with the feeling that nothing is as enjoyable without a cigarette. From day one to today, I can't fathom how ex or never smokers enjoy sitting outside without the plume of smoke entering and exiting their lungs.


I have no actual desire to smoke. I say that constantly and it's true. But I hear so often misery and frustration are often caused by mindset and I believe I'm causing much of my own issues.


I just don't understand how people have managed to get to the shift. Books like Alan Carr's speak about it and my inability to join in makes me angry on top of the usual frustration. 


To those that have managed to make that change you have my respect and my envy. I wish I was able to join you in getting to a positive mindset.