818 Cigarettes Not Smoked

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Apr 22, 2020

As I walk into NML on day 33 I'm amazed at the over 800 cigarettes (818 to be exact) I would have smoked. At even 5 minutes per cigarette thats nearly 3 DAYS spent puffing NON-STOP back to back.Time I acknowledge I have largely spent struggling and more than a little miserable, but soon that's time for me. Time for my wife. Time for my kids. To work, play, and be more productive. 


Regardless of anything else, it's more time. And that's a commodity no one is making more of.


I also have to add, cautiously, that today was better. Not perfect, but better. And if I'm being honest, (which ironically is harder when acknowledging something good) it was A LOT better.


Here's to more better to come. And more misery too I'm sure but I decided over a month ago that no matter what, N.O.P.E.