Day 18 - Learning to Accept

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Apr 7, 2020

Moving towards 3 weeks quit and on Day 18 I've really tried to stay busy. Bought some paint to hit doors and baseboards in an effort to distract myself. Good news is it was a distraction but the bad news is in the past projects were accompanied by regular smoke breaks so triggered a few craves along the way.


Trying to accept things as they are. I breathed fine as a smoker and struggle to get a breath as a new ex-smoker.

Accept it.


Supposed 3-5 minute craves for me start when I wake up and only end when I fall asleep. 

Accept it.


Day 18 is as bad as all 17 days before it. I have a lousy attitude I guess and may be making things worse with an inability to find any positive aspects of quitting besides the obvious - a lifetime of future health benefits.

Accept it.


I accept that I'll struggle every day until I don't. Quitting is harder for some and easier for others. It's beyond my control and as bad as it continues to be, maybe tomorrow will be the day it gets better.