Two Weeks Quit

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Apr 3, 2020

2 weeks without a cigarette and 8 days since I've stopped taking any form of nicotine. So in a sense celebrating 1 and 2 weeks quit at the same time.


Yesterday was a rough day. Wave after wave of anxiety and craves every minute of the day. Not once did I consider smoking because that isn't an option for an ex-smoker but it did have me miserable at the thought that this anxiety-ridden, shortness of breath state was my new normal forever.

Today is a little better. For now. As I say that I can feel my chest tightening up as if to say, "Not so fast..." Regardless, 2 weeks and close to 20 packs of cigarettes not bought or more to the point, not smoked.

Feeling great or not, that's worth celebrating. I guess.