It could happen to you

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Dec 14, 2020

There may come a time

When reason declines

If I make it to 90

I'll probably lose mine


      My stepmom called yesterday saying she couldn't get on her computer.  I went over at 8:30 this morning to check it out.


      First, when you would try to sign on to the computer, the window would populate itself and you couldn't enter anything or delete what was there. I rebooted it three times. Didn't help at all. I then unplugged the power and held in the power button for 30 seconds. This will usually reset the startup menu and let it reload everything correctly. NOTHING.

Then it came to me. "Where is your wireless keyboard?" I asked.  It turns out she had a board on top of the keyboard under the desk that was pressing the keys. I unplugged the dongle for the mouse and keyboard. Problem solved. 

      Next, she couldn't get online. It was in airplane mode and would not connect to wi-fi. I played with the wifi keys and got it out of airplane mode but there was still no wifi.

I typed in device manager and when it opened I went to the network listings and deleted the wifi lan software from the system and rebooted.  All that was left was signing in with the network security key.

      Then came renewing my dads drivers license online. I got through the organ donor/voter registration, etc etc etc and got to the payment part. I wouldn't give me a live payment button. I finally realized I had missed 3 boxes in the upper right corner.

It happened. I was happy. He was happy.


      The one thing I learned when I got my first computer and later built two more was patience. I was a smoker then. I learned everything I know about computers on my own.

That means I don't have any idea how much I know. I got a monthly magazine called smart computing. It had an online chat room where subscribers could ask questions.

You'd typically get the best answer within 3 hours.

 Have patience with your quit. Ask questions here. We've all been there!

Patience will carry you through and you will finally realize it wasn't smoking that gave you patience.  


      I'm thinking when I lose the ability to reason, patience isn't going to be enough.

I guess I will either be pisstrated or not care!