Having Practiced Construction, I'm Stumped. (UPDATED AGAIN)

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Aug 24, 2020

This is in Prince George, British Columbia

This link (best seen fullscreen)

Downtown Livestream - YouTube 

I watched them demolish a 3 story 150 Room Hotel last Summer on this cam.

Then the snows came (This camera has the perfect view when it's snowing)

Then they shut down the link for 4 or more months

I know they're building a $35 Million All Season Aquatic Centre. 

I thought they would have started it in the Spring but they just started 10 days ago.

First snow comes the last week in September.

I'm getting anxious for them.

They have a big crane lifting steel sections, I'm guessing 4' wide and 16-20 feet high.

They stand 3 at a time and then they lay them down and move down the line.

I'm mystified. WTH???

I never saw them dig or pour a footing.




I just saw the design

New Downtown Pool 


UPDATE 9-7-20

Well, the crane and most all the heavy equipment is gone.

I watched them take down the crane and load it on trucks and haul it away.

See those 3 vertical steel panels in the picture above? I still don't know why they did that

but, I watched a specialized skip loader that tripped around with a vertical 20 foot long attachment (4 times its height)  that appeared to make a 20 foot deep hole about every 4 feet and then a worker would drop a long object into each hole. I don't know what they were but they couldn't have been too heavy because one man handled them easily and if they were heavy, you would have seen it in the way he braced his back while lowering them into the holes.

So now, see the red lines within the project area parallel to both streets below? They're some kind of steel form. I believe I saw some welding late one afternoon. In the back and on the right they dug a standard footing and have formed it with wood.

Here's my guess.

They are likely  going to use those two runs as a ground level moment frame in case the earth ever shifts drastically while people are inside using the facilities so the building can't twist/rack down with them inside. If this were a one story building, it wouldn't be such a problem but with a higher, open space building, the earths movement can force  a whipping action to the top of the structure and bring the whole roof system down.

This is the projected view of the corner closest to the camera

More Soon.


UPDATE 10-13-20

Here's where it sits today. They've poured the back right corner and a couple of HUGE PADS. (see the red areas?) BUT, they haven't poured the blue areas and it's going to be 40 degrees and below pretty much from now on. It very difficult to pour below 50 degrees in any case. The most common concrete accelerator (Calcium Chloride) used to speed setting times in cold weather, rusts the rebar.) So, will they have to wait until next spring to continue? This was supposed to open in February of 2021.  CRAZY


10-18 First Snow

They poured the wall running away from us when it was 38 Degrees.

This Morning

and the beat goes on.....


"Gee, it's too bad we didn't start this in late spring instead of August."