You Make It Work

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Aug 15, 2020

      I believe knowing innately how to make something work is a gift.

      If my printer is too deep for the shelf, I add depth to the shelf the width of the printer.


      knowing how to make something work isn't enough.

      You have to be able to do it yourself according to the solution you decided upon


      You must be able to explain it to someone else so they know how to do it.


So, that applies to a task but, what about things like emotions?

I took Hoggie to the vet today and when I called them on the phone to pay, I couldn't find the credit card I use for everything. It was nowhere to be found. So, I try the backup card I got for just this situation. It was declined. I was able to use my debit card. That situation, over.

      Now, what about the missing card. Your mind starts searching for where you physically used it last. You call the store. No luck.

You're about to call the card issuer to tell them you've lost your card, then, you remember you had it in your hands when you left the store with the bag of groceries, two bags of hot fried chicken and the receipt in your hand. 


It was between the seat of my truck.





You are going to have these unexpected experiences during your quit.

Don't panic.

Use your head to think instead.