Sliding by on wheels of steel.The sound when these trains pass by is mesmerizing

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It's singing

It's not loud and it's very soothing shortly after the engines pass.

First you hear the crossing bells go off. 

Then, the roar of the powerful engines. At least three out front. I saw one with eight engines last night. There was another train where I counted 149 freight cars. There were three engines out front and one at the back, pushing BACKWARDS. That was a short train too.

      Engines power many things. When you say engine, it goes back to THE Orinal NAME that isn't associated with what it's inside but what it's attached to.

The engines pass quickly, then, the singing starts.

The singing can go on for 5 minutes or more. At the end of the concert is a clack, clack, clack and a red blinking light.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube 


Walmart, Fedex, UPS, MEARSK, Cosco, Amazon.

Stacked 2 high. Longer ones stacked on shorter ones. Tank cars, Auto Transport cars. 

Every once in awhile, a passenger train.

Mostly shipping containers and tractor trailer bodies.


I wondered how they stacked those containers.

I mean, those things must weigh 20 tons each.

I'd like to buy a caboose, they don't use them on trains anymore and they make great small houses.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube 

The trains run often, 24/7. East and West. I just leave the page open on my computer so and I can hear them coming and then take a train break to hear them sing as they glide by.

You never have to worry about social distancing on the train. They're almost empty.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube