Potato Salad, NOT Nicotine

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Mar 25, 2020

      We are all somewhat stressed from being inside so much.

      One of the first things unavailable at the grocery stores was potatoes.

I scored a 5# bag last week and yesterday, I made a quart of potato salad.

      I find it difficult to get to that perfect place where the potatoes aren't falling apart before you mix the other ingredients into them. (I cook them in the microwave at 50% so they cook but don't boil over) I tried 15 minutes but they were still too firm so I put them in for another 10 minutes.


      I was in no hurry. I had two hard boiled eggs but figured I needed one more so I threw it in the potato water after I had removed the potatoes to cool. (Did you know you can hard boil eggs in the microwave? You cover them with water and add alot of salt and nuke them for 10-12 minutes.)

      While that egg was cooking, I chopped 6 sweet pickles and found my mayonnaise & mustard. I mixed the chopped pickles, mustard and mayo in a bowl, peeled then chopped the three eggs over the potatoes and then, gently stirred in the mayo pickle mix to thoroughly coat the potatoes.

It turned out perfect.

      For me, what is appealing about potato salad is the deviled egg taste.


What's in your homemade potato salad?