First day for me to go shopping in the designated senior and underlying disease hours

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Mar 19, 2020

I really wanted Half & Half, Bread and Potatoes.

I got all three.

      The half and half was slightly bulgy but I'm taking my chances.

The bread was a cracked wheat cheapie (who cares when you just want a piece of bread) They only had six 5 pound bags of potatoes.

      I was going to buy a second bag for my brother but with so few left, I decided someone else should be as happy as me to get a bag of potatoes. (I gave my brother all the big ones from my bag when I got home.) That makes yet another person happy.


Life has changed.

Life will continue to change 

I truly believe it is easier to cope with change as an eX smoker.

That's part of the freedom we keep speaking of.