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Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Oct 8, 2019

decisions have been made and I didn't even know.


I got a call yesterday wanting me to schedule a date for a procedure.

I didn't even know we'd decided what we were doing. I haven't had the cat scan yet or the second meeting with the surgeon to set a date.

I sent a list of questions to the surgeon after our first meeting.

They were about outcome and quality of life


      Quality of life as in what you gain when you quit smoking. You won't even realize it until you have it. 

Freedom is what I'm speaking of.


      The surgeon had called to tell me she could not  answer my questions in writing through the portal due to time constraints but I missed her call. I'm still waiting for the CT scan and I was to tentatively meet with her on the 16th after my cat scan.

Her plan was to surgically remove my cecum and part of my large intestine.

The cecum is the mixing pot where the liquid from your small intestine gets mixed with bacteria to make solid waste.


      The call about the procedure was so out of the blue. It was my gastro's office, not the surgeon.

      I was caught off guard so I explained what I knew to that point and began asking questions. They transferred me to a nurse who found numerous messages between the surgeon and my gastro who has worked on my esophagus for 6 years. Together, they decided he will remove the polyp endoscopically and, do it in 3 stages, 3 months apart.

This will all be outpatient.


      It's amazing to me what computerization has done in that the nurse was actually able to read their communications to convey their thought process to me,


      So, I'm not going to be a foot shorter, but I likely would have had I not voiced my concerns.