Is your quit past it's sell date?

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Sep 9, 2019

If so, remember, you are the one who controls it!


      I've always been a critique-y consumer. No, I don't do it for the free coupons,

If something isn't right, you say something to try and make it better for the next person.

      I bought some hot dogs on the 27th and when I went to have one 2 days later, the sell date on the package was 8-11, nearly two weeks after they should have been pulled the day I bought them. When I took them back for an exchange, I found 9 more packages past their sell date. 

      Friday, I bought some almond butter. I looked at the sell dates. Many jars were past their sell date. I wrote them an email.

        The most important line in the email was "shouldn't I be able to trust that when I pick something up it's not past it's sell date so I don't have to spend my time bringing it back? 



      When you quit smoking the only person you can trust to not "make you" smoke is you. You are your inventory control. You are the one leaving old stock on the shelves with old, past sell date feelings or you're clearing them away to make room for new experiences as a non smoker. 


Trust in your mission makes right decisions. Thinking ahead guides those decisions.


Onward and Upward