Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jun 27, 2019

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I'll Quit You, Tomorrow

You're Only A Day Away

(unless I buy another pack)


Are you putting off quitting so you can keep smoking?

These are hard questions, I know, but,

what are you accomplishing by waiting until tomorrow?

Are you going out to drink and smoke your brains out

to proclaim your allegiance and celebrate your last act of smoking?

One last hurrah?


Have you decided you are willing to see it through?


Are you playing the same old quitting game with yourself?


They say if circumstances are right,

one cigarette can cause a stroke or heart attack.

Your heart beats just the wrong way

while you're enjoying the smoke that killed you?

Are you ready for that consequence?

Wouldn't it be a shame if "that one" happened while you were stall?

The longer you wait to quit again

It makes it much harder to do it friends.