I Finally Did It!

Blog Post created by John10forteen on Feb 26, 2017

Quit smoking, you might ask? Yes I did do that and because of that I finally did this, Cook a Chile Relleno. Huh???



So the glory shot came out blurry and with a sloppy plating job... But so delicious, it was gone by the time I looked at the picture. What inspired this post was wanting to do something for a very long time but running into an obstacle and not doing it. I've been wanting to make a Chili Relleno ever since Dale mentioned them in a blog very early in my quit but I wanted to post pictures of my first one.But with the old platform, I could not post pictures and I tried. I even signed up with photo bucket but I still couldn't post to the old platform. And I waited patiently for picture posting to be easier. That was my reason. It was a real reason and not an excuse. The time came, and I did it. I finally did it.


Setting a Quit Date involves lot's of reasons. Acting before & on that Quit Date will take a lot of work, but with determination, pride and starting your forever quit on on your quit date; YOU will be able to say, I'm Doing It, I'm Finally Doing It! 


I had a very fun and WOW day yesterday! As your Quit Date get's nearer, you may start getting nervous but check out this blog by Yess Wow! and know it gets wonderful.