Keep chipping away at it!

Blog Post created by John10forteen on Feb 22, 2017

There is a lot of discussion about this new platform, but you newbies... do not worry about it. Just keep blogging and keep reading. Stay diligent with your quit, keep chipping away at it, one (clean breath in) and one (breath out) at a time. Support will find YOU. Ask your questions, Blog your woes, Converse your triumphs, Just remember, don't smoke. Chip away at that NicoDemon a little bit every day. If the urge gets really strong, go stick your head in the freezer until the urge passes.... It Works, then blog about it so we can all smile and laugh with you while you enjoy a battle won. We like laughing and smiling in this community. 



Talking about chipping away at things, I've chipped a little bit more away about understanding the new platform. The icons are very relevant.

All these actions below have a specific icon attached to them. I tried to copy and past the different icons but it's not working. That's ok. the blog icon is green and looks like mountains, the question icon blue with a question mark and etc. 


Ask a Question
Start a discussion
Upload a file
Write a document

Write a blog post = What I'm learning for the timeline thing is wherever you write your input, in conversations, blogs or questions... they are all like different neighborhoods with their own timelines... So for a patch test idea, what if we all just used the blog platform to communicate daily and fish all the other platforms for newbies and wanderers. Use all these fancy features after regaining some balance. (It's not real practical but it's doable for now) if the veterans just post to the blog icon it should be in a timeline.... (with that  exception of someone responding to a 6 year post and it dates it as a new post) we'll have to work on that.


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P.S. I really did chip away at that boulder last week, clearing a road for my KY camp... Woo Whoo I did it!