For Terrie_Quit....

Blog Post created by John10forteen on Feb 20, 2017


Hi Terrie, this one is for you kiddo. You helped me out so much early to midway to all the way in my quit. Maybe not so much your pledge page but you. I didn't participate with the pledge page so much but being a saver freak, I used get so disgusted when I put so much work into something and it just got pissed away for one reason or another.


For the past year I've kept my finger on the pulse of this wonderful community because it saved my life and a couple people kept checking in on me too. I want to contribute just as much back to help another soul as this community has helped me. Many Many long time members (I refer to them, in my heart, as site elders) are the core energy of this site and I include you with that group and I can easily name several others.


As I've kept in touch, but not so involved.... (I've actually been waiting for the site transition to finish) I have been so impressed by an administrator that has taken so much personal energy to make this site better. I may be off my mark here (no pun intended) but to communicate regularly with an administrator is pretty impressive to me instead of being put on hold for a month and so.. with that said, to lose what's been built is hard to take, but something you did not lose is my gratitude for the influence you have had on my life So before you go, I just want to say thank you. and I don't know too much about your Pledge page and Mark but I hope you find a different solution. If not, thanks again, you are so dear,