Day #5

Blog Post created by Jo1234 on Jul 16, 2019

Well I knew there would be easy days and hard ones too. I feel like I more or less sailed through the first four. Except for the mornings. Today was much harder. Had multiple cravings hit and even entertained thoughts of smoking. I have a list of a bunch of things to do instead of smoke in my quit plan.

The problem wasn't not having a plan but not having the energy to implement any of it. The only thing I was able to do today was challenge my thoughts and even that was a struggle. Felt too exhausted to do anything else. So of course my mind immediately tried to latch onto that as a reason to smoke. Didn't even have the energy to blog but did read others posts and blogs. 

Anyway the day is almost over and I'm not totally bonkers yet. Sometimes all you can do is hang in there.