Here I one

Blog Post created by Jmhair on Nov 28, 2019

Well my quit day November 28 has arrived. I just finished Allen Carr’s book and have thrown out ALL my vaping supplies after almost 3 years of being trapped.  At first I thought I would use the patch but after reading the book decided against it. It’s about mindset. Constantly reminding myself why I’m quitting and instead of moping, rejoice!  My plan:

Set my wake up alarm to an uplifting song “Carry me through” by Dave Barnes

Start my day with water and exercise (walk my dogs) before my coffee

Avoid boredom by getting projects done around the house, reading, stocking the fridge with healthy food

Taking a lot of deep breaths and comfort in the fact that the little monster inside me is dying and my life is about to get so much better. 
Looking forward to being a part of the EX community to offer and find hope. 
That’s it for now. Thank you for letting me share my journey!