I like film noir

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Oct 14, 2020

Being a film and communication major from back in the skool days yrs ago, and cuz life in quarantine affords the opportunity, I watch a few movies. A big fan of the old black and white ones from hollywood's 'goldrn' ages I guess the 30's to the fifties. On Sunday I liek Elliot Ness and the Untouchables during football game commercial breaks (fora season I really believe shoulda been deferred fora year) howeva. What I'm getting at is they had a box of smokes or ceegars in every room in the house. You came in as a visitor and before you could tip your hat, somebody was offering you a doob. I watch these flicks and d_mn if sometimes I don't cough ROFL. The medical doctor accepted a stogie out the box and lit up, in the middle of his diagnosis and dint drop a word. The ladies hold their smokes and don't take a puff during a whole scene. I say lady, either puff the darn thing or pass it. And the men with cigarette holders, I say what was up with dat? This one is for all My™ friends on here whom say I don't check in enuf. Kno I you, still clean despite the temptation and stinking thinking, butt y'all's boi not in no wise in any danger. 2+ years and growing. Doing alright. Jimbo.