How dare they

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Nov 5, 2018

Not deliver my goodies directly to me.TO ME. A junkie for ordering food and groceries online. Can't resist an offer for free shipping even if only on the first order. It was Walgreens turn to test. Halloween was the occasion. My beloved Kars honey nut cashews, qty (2). Think I did that right. 3 Musketeers minis was buy One get one free but I think I somehow paid for two bags. Store needs to create these in a large bag size. Eating the candy corn as I write this, will slow down soon, interferes with middle finger typing. Large bag of mixed mini chocolate bars good except for the almond joys. That one nut always catches me off guard. And downgrading Folgers to decaf as part of the quit plan. The Pringles chips just a bonus. Order said shipping in 1- 3 days but on day4 no goodies. Because I'm a addict i got insulted because I never had my doorbell ring for Trick or Treat. Had to gett in the motorcar, drive a qtr mile to the rental office and show my Fedex slip. Like normal people who have not smoked for going on 60days like me. But it's happy Holloween at my house rite now because I did. Not use extreme measures like taking a puff, to do something normal. And I'll have the prettiest, most delicious candy dish in town. All the way up until Thanksgiving. I think. I do not share. Please forgive.