Sundown Reflection

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Sep 18, 2018

Real talk. If I spoke to you like I self talk myself, I might be brought up on charges for assault. I'm as brutal and vicious from me to me as I need to be. That trait got me thru a tuff day, the way this one started, and thankfully settled down and is ending well. I breathed my way thru it. Biggest trigger ID'd is driving the motorcar. Commuted into next state south as road warrior field rep until retirement 4 yrs ago. Wldve been impossible

without Ms.GPS, a gallon of caffeine daily and almost intraveneous nicrotine, which is what I called it. But I have fear. My family lives 50 miles away. I have not made that distance haul smoke free. Ever. Fortunately, my next holiday trip, and they are all non-smokers, I'm the only black sheep, will be Thanksgiving Day. Lotsa smoke free days from day 7 tomorrow until then. Plenty of time to confine that fear to the sarcophagus of my smoker life, before that day arrives. Plan to have my new life of freedom long cemented in place even before I need to approach that bridge too far. And it'll be a merry Xmas to me, and to all of them. They've been waiting on this for me. Praying and hoping to be able to do the work to deliver. I will make the motorcar, and long distance driving my friend. Even as the evening sun goes down.