It's been 3 days...

Blog Post created by JessicaF on Jul 25, 2017

Three days since my last cigarette. I am no where near as confident as I was when I made my last post. Allen Carr has a way of making me feel like I'm doomed for failure sometimes because I didn't follow his plan explicitly...because I stopped smoking way before I finished his book. I feel like my cravings are nearly constant  Yesterday it was ALL I thought about. matter how hard it has been, I can say I haven't smoked. I found an old e cig that actually still worked today & puffed on that a bit. It seemed to help. Might pick one up at the gas station tomorrow morning. Or maybe I shouldn't? I don't know. 


Had to stop at the pharmacy to get my 4 year old some medicine today & I asked about their smoking cessation products. All they had was nicotine replacement & I just kept thinking about how I hadn't put nicotine in my body for almost 3 days...I think it would be a mistake to do it now. I suppose I could say the same about the ecig, though. 


My 4 year old's allergic reaction was a nice way to keep my mind off not smoking this morning. I'll see if I can figure out how to add some pics for ya...warning: pretty nasty facial swelling from some bug bites. And yes, I believe she will be fine