So what has happened here?

Blog Post created by JessicaF on Jul 24, 2017

I've been keeping my number of smokes/day at 9/10, down from 15. Then Sunday rolled around, I had a few drinks & smoked the last 15 I had in the house. 


I didn't go get any the next day. And even though I still haven't gotten all the way through The Easy Way (I'm on chapter 22), written down my triggers & smoking alternatives (plan on doing that today), I just really can't justify going out to buy a pack this morning. Once my husband leaves for work in a couple hours, I will have no plausible way to go get more smokes (I do not consider strapping 4 kids in car seats, parading them throughout a gas station & then buckling them all up again plausible ). 


I told DH yesterday that he should indulge me for more smokes if I ask for them before my quit date because maybe there's a reason I should still be sticking with that date in August that I'm not aware of yet (higher rate of long term success, maybe?). 


My strongest urge yesterday came as I was yelling at my 4 year old for not following directions. Today I'm home alone with all 4 of them - yikes. But if I can make it through today without smoking, that will be two days in a row smoke free. And I've never been able to say that before.